The most famous vacationers in Kassari were the writer Aino Kallas and linguist and diplomat Oskar Kallas. A sign will lead you to their summer house.Kassari chapel or the former subordinate church of Pühalepa church is a lovely, romantic building. Nowadays it is considered the only functioning stone church with a reed roof in Estonia. From the vicinity of the bird observation tower, you may investigate the nature trail (established in 1995, length 1.5 km), and then go see Käina Bay, but better yet may be to climb up and enjoy the view.Alongside a healthy population of forest birds, almost a hundred species of birds nest in these regions. During the migration period up to 20,000 ducks land on the bay. Among other interesting species are cormorants (see also the silvery trees on the islets), avocets, bearded tits, and bitternsThe pub opened at Orjaku Port offers nourishing food to those who come from and go to the sea and all visitors to Hiiumaa. While eating you can enjoy the view of Jausa Bay and yachts mooring at the port.